Crux of the matter

  • 30/08/1995

It'll join national reforestation efforts It is welcome, but should encourage farmers to grow trees on low productivity land
Government's reforestation efforts have failed Industry's refusal to buy wood at fair prices led to the failure of form forestry
Industry can contribute money Not really. Most money will come financial institutions, like NABARD
It'll provide good genetic stock and technology Alternatives, like natural regeneration, cost less
Admits that it wants better quality land, initially, for quicker returns Industry-forest department nexus will ensure good quality land, and not degraded land, going over to industry
Farm forestry unreliable and an insufficient source to meet industry's needs No evidence to uphold this contention. Mechanisms for ensuring stable can be found. It may even be cheaper
People's needs will be met Needs will not be met. Forest-depenclent people will suffer enormously. And poor farmers will lose the chance growing trees on low-productive farmlands

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