Powered by women: driving sustainability and innovation through gender diversity in Nepal's hydropower sector

IFC launched Powered by Women (PbW) Nepal initiative in September 2020 to help hydropower firms realize the benefits of gender equality and diversity. The program, which ended in June 2023, used a peer-to-peer learning approach, inviting companies to close gender gaps in their operations by taking specific, measurable action in at least one of four commitment areas: promoting women in leadership, promoting respectful workplaces for women and men, promoting women in non-traditional jobs, and engaging women as stakeholders within the community. This end of program report was prepared to analyze the results of the program. It highlights key achievements and reflects on the program’s effectiveness and lessons learned. The analysis is based on company surveys, in-depth interviews with member companiesand other stakeholders, and secondary data gathered from the periodic business roundtable meetings of PbW Nepal initiative.