Inspection report on behalf of the Minor Irrigation Department of K R Puram lake, Bengaluru urban district, Karnataka, 03/05/2023

  • 03/05/2023

Inspection report on behalf of the Minor Irrigation Department in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order dated January 24, 2023.

An application was filed alleging dumping of waste and discharge of untreated sewage into the K. R. Puram Lake is situated in K R Puram lake, Hobli, Bengaluru east taluk, Bengaluru urban district, Karnataka. There was encroachment and laying of a road and pipeline and construction activities in the lake, the applicant said. The NGT directed the Minor Department to carry out a spot inspection and file a report with regard to the allegations.

The report by the Minor Irrigation Department said that there is encroachment by way of laying of road and pipeline on the inner side of the lake bed. While carrying out the spot inspection, it was observed that there was a bund along the periphery of the lake on which the road has been formed. Some pipelines have been laid on the outskirts of the peripheral bund. It can be BWSSB's sewage pipeline or a connecting secondary treated water pipeline.

It was observed during the spot inspection and  also upon enquiry that periodical cleaning of debris is undertaken by the concerned department on a time to time basis. It has also been informed by the BBMP that a DPR is being prepared for rejuvenation of the lake.