Twenty-sixth report of the Committee on Estimates (2022-23) on evaluation of electric vehicle (EV) policy

The Twenty-sixth Report of the Committee on Estimates (2022-23) on ‘Evaluation of Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy’ pertaining to the Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) was presented to Lok Sabha on 24th March, 2023. The Committee have urged the Government to frame a comprehensive National Policy on EV by incorporating the elements of successful State models and international best practices on charging infrastructure, battery swapping, battery waste management/ recycling, public awareness in addition to the demand and supply side incentives such as lower GST, waiving road tax, registration fee, hire-purchase scheme at discounted interest rates by Financial Institutions for buying EVs etc. which can serve as a guiding policy to all States/UTs and ensure a comprehensive and uniform growth of the EV Sector.