Draft environmental guidelines for compressed biogas plant (CBG)/bio-CNG plants

The Central Pollution Control Board Theon 31st January 2022 has invited comments/suggestions from the public on the draft “Environmental Guidelines for Compressed Biogas Plant (CBG)/Bio-CNG Plants. The Byproduct of Anaerobic digestion of organic material is commonly referred to as ‘Biogas’. Biogas technology refers to the production of combustible gas (Biogas) and a value added fertilizer under controlled or uncontrolled conditions namely temperature, pH, C/N ratio etc. As per the draft guidelines, Biodegradable solid waste/input material should be stored in such a manner that leachates formed do not get mix with any natural water body or stream. If solids have any fire hazard possibility due fire extinguishing system should be set up. A flow-meter shall be installed at the wastewater/slurry generation/discharge line to quantify the slurry being generated for treatment. A pan tilt zoom camera shall be installed at storage tank and bio-compost area to monitor the bio-composting operation. Packaging and Labelling/Marking -The bio-compost or Bio manure shall be packed and labelled/marked properly. Storage facilities for ready compost should be covered under shed having platform. The biogas plants may be integrated with Solar PVs to make these plants cost economically viable. The Gensets shall comply with the latest Indian emission norms for Gas based Engines. Further, Odour nuisance at down-wind direction on the boundary of processing plant shall also be checked regularly & accordingly necessary steps for its control shall be taken.