Building disaster resilience to natural hazards in Sub-Saharan African regions, countries and communities: Annual report 2018

This is the second report for the Programme ‘Building Disaster Resilience to Sub-Saharan African Regions, Countries and Communities’ (referred to throughout this report as “the Programme”). In 2018, the Programme continued the activities under the following Result Areas: Result Area 1: Extended Programme of Action for the Implementation of the Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (PoA 2006-2015) operational, through the improved AUC's coordination and monitoring capacity. Result Area 2: African Regional Economic Communities (RECs) have DRR coordination, planning and policy advisory capacities operational to support their respective member states and regional and sub-regional programmes. Result Area 3: Core capacities of the specialised national and Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) are improved, to meet the needs of DRM agencies Result 3 and socio-economic sectors for effective use of weather and climate services and community-focused and real-time early warning systems (EWS). Result Area 4: Sub-Saharan African countries have improved knowledge of risks through, the compilation of historical disaster related data to inform the assessment and modelling of future risks. Result Area 5: Multi-risk financing strategies are developed at regional, national and local levels to help African countries make informed decisions, to improve their financial response capacity post disaster and to mitigate the socio-economic, fiscal and financial impacts of disasters of African countries.