Promoting climate resilient agriculture: a value chain approach

This document provides a detailed ‘how to’ guide for using a value chain approach to identify opportunities and constraints to promoting shifts to more climate resilient cropping patterns. This approach is useful to identify and prioritise specific constraints and identify exactly where, along any agricultural product’s value chain, interventions that will support building climate resilience will have the most impact. This document is based on the experience of the Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme in South Asia. Action on Climate Today is a DFID – funded technical assistance programme that works with governments at the national and subnational level in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to mainstream climate change into sectoral policies, plans, budgets and programmes. One of it’s core focus areas is in supporting development of climate resilient agriculture using a value chain approach, an approach which has been pilot tested in 5 states in India, two provinces in Pakistan, and at the central level in Bangladesh.

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