Question raised in Lok Sabha on Monitoring of Air Quality, 01/08/2017

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Monitoring of Air Quality, 01/08/2017. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is implementing a number of Schemes for control and prevention of pollution which include National River Conservation Programme (NRCP), National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA), National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Eco-systems (NPCA), Assistance for Abatement of Pollution (AAP), Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs), Creation of Management Structure for Hazardous Substances (CMSHS) and World Bank Aided Capacity Building and Industrial Pollution Management (CBIPM) project under which financial assistance is provided to the State implementing agencies. State-wise details of the funds released during the last three years and the current year under above schemes to state implementing agencies including Bihar are given at Annexure I. The details of financial assistance provided by CPCB to state implementing agencies under the National Air Quality Monitoring Programme (NAMP) and National Water Quality Monitoring Programme (NWMP) are given at Annexure II and Annexure III respectively.

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