Urban Air Quality Management in Ethiopia: A Guidance Farmework

Urban Air Quality Management in Ethiopia: A Guidance Farmework This guidance framework has been developed for the Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change, Ethiopia, that is the overarching apex body for management of air quality in Ethiopia. This guidance is based on detailed analysis of the challenges in cities of Ethiopia mainly the capital city of Addis Ababa that is the primary growth centre. This guidance is expected to create a comprehensive template for integrated action to improve urban air quality. While the Ethiopian government has already initiated process to control pollution from industrial sources and mining across the country, this guidance is primarily aimed at air quality management framework for cities. The cities like Addis Ababa are densely populated and have widely dispersed sources of pollution – vehicles, small industrial sources, construction industry, open burning of waste and also solid fuel burning. All of these together contribute to pollution levels. Addis Ababa as a city has to meet clean air target to protect public health. This will require strong air quality monitoring and management framework and compliance strategy to meet the clean air target not only for each pollution source but also for the city as a whole. This management framework for the city and the larger metropolitan region will enable time bound and source wise implementation.