Science technology plan for disaster risk reduction: Asian perspectives

Science technology plan for disaster risk reduction: Asian perspectives This document presents a framework for the use of science and technology for disaster risk reduction and resilient development for Pacific Island Countries. It aims to support the implementation of both the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Framework for Resilient Development (FRDP). To reduce risks and increase disaster resilience, the following key objectives have been identified: Improve and standardise the collection of data and analysis of risk factors such as gender, age, land rights, human mobility and socio-economic status to help better understand the risks faced by Pacific Island Countries; Develop and implement user-friendly multi-hazard early warning systems and mechanisms for disseminating warnings at national and local levels in a reliable and timely manner; Routinely use relevant Science and Technology to reduce risks from both natural and anthropogenic origins, including climate change impacts. Use traditional knowledge, ecosystem services and innovative solutions to provide cost-effective protection; and Improve the dissemination of information and knowledge both within the region to support awareness of the population and decision making and outside the region to the global DRR and scientific communities.