Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding restoration of Khanua Nala in Chhapra, Bihar, 12/08/2016

  • 12/08/2016

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Veterans Forum for Transparency in Public Life Vs. Chapra Nagar Parishad, Chapra, Bihar & Ors. dated 12/08/2016. The Applicant states that Khanua Nala in Chhapra as it existed before was for irrigational purposes and eventually it turned out to be a drain carrying sewerage, but the passage of sewerage from the Nala is impeded due to illegal encroachments.

National Green Tribunal directs the Bihar Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board to constitute a team of officers to inspect the entire stretch of Khanua Nala, consider its nature, existing situation and submit their Report with their recommendations to make this Nala functional so that the proper flow of the water/sewerage from the Nala is not impeded in a manner leading or likely to lead to a substantial aggravation of pollution due to other causes or consequences such as inundation.