Stage 3 China fuel consumption standard for commercial heavy-duty vehicles

The goal of this new stage of standard is to reduce fuel consumption by about 15% in 2020 from the 2015 levels, in order to further reduce the gap between China and other more developed markets globally .In April 2016, the third stage of China’s heavy-duty vehicle fuel consumption standard was released for public comment. The China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) proposed the draft rule, which retains the same scope as the second stage of national standards (GB 30510-2014) by setting limits on fuel consumption for new commercial trucks, dump trucks, tractors, coaches, and buses with a gross vehicle weight over 3,500 kg. Similar to the previous two stages, the Stage 3 standard will regulate heavy-duty vehicles with diesel and gasoline engines. The new standard will go into effect on July 1, 2019, for new type approvals, and on July 1, 2021, for new heavy commercial vehicles sold in China.

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