Ambient air and noise pollution levels-Deepawali 2015

This year, the CPCB has attempted to coordinate monitoring of ambient noise levels at more than 200 locations and ambient air quality at about 170 locations across the country. The compiled data shall be published as CPCB does every year. In Delhi, Ambient Noise was monitored at 16 locations and Ambient Air Quality at 09 locations. The monitoring was carried out on November 05, 2015 to compare the data of Deepawali day. The data reveals that there was a significant shift in wind direction (from W & NW) on the festival day, which resulted less humidity profile (moving around 42%) besides increase in wind speed from 1.9 m/sec to 3.4 m/sec attributed to dispersion of pollutants. Normal atmospheric pressure of 988mb coupled with increased atmospheric mixing height to the level of 855 meter has resulted easy dispersion of air pollutants.

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