State of green business 2013

GreenBiz Group will publish the sixth annual addition of its acclaimed “State of Green Business” report, looking at significant trends in sustainable business as well as the key metrics that show how well companies are addressing sustainability challenges. The 2013 edition of the report takes on a significant new dimension. In partnership with Trucost, a global leader in sustainability metrics, this year’s “State of Green Business” report takes a deeper and more comprehensive measurement than ever before. It includes both U.S. and global measurements of companies’ supply-chain impacts, natural capital costs, R&D investments, and reporting trends, as well as metrics on greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use, air emissions, several metrics of transparency and disclosure, and more. This year’s data is based on the sustainability impacts and initiatives of both the S&P 500 and a global index of more than 1,500 publicly traded companies.

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