Green light given

  • 14/02/2004

Green light given After a protracted debate over genetically modified (gm) maize in the uk, the British government is all set to approve the commercial production of the transgenic crop. The government advisers, however, plan to impose strict regulations on gm maize and ban commercial gm sugar beet and oilseed rape, since tests showed that these could damage the environment more than conventional crops. The clearance was given after experts from the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (acre) gave their suggestions. acre's three-year investigation noted that gm maize could be cultivated by using the right kind of herbicides. However, farmers may not start growing the crop before 2005 because the process will be subject to restrictions. Farmers would also be briefed on the type of herbicide they can use and the plants they can grow in neighbouring fields. Critics feel that more research needs to be done into the gm varieties before commercialising the crop.

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