Achieving food security in the face of climate change

The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change has released its final report proposing policy responses to the challenges of feeding a world confronted with climate change, population growth, poverty, fluctuating food prices and degraded ecosystems. In the report, titled "Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate Change," the Commission outlines seven recommendations to be implemented by governments, international institutions, investors, producers, consumers, food companies and researchers. The recommendations related to policy, finance, agriculture, development aid, diet choice, food waste and knowledge management systems. The Commission's recommendations encourage: raising the level of investment in sustainable agriculture and food systems over the next decade; sustainably intensifying agricultural production on the existing land base while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; and reducing losses and waste in the food system. The report cites evidence that the yields from 16 major crops could be increased by more than 50%. It also stresses the need to mobilize public policies and budgets toward low emission crop breeds and actions that lead to the conservation of land, water and energy.

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