Report of the expert committee on agricultural statistics

The expert committee set up under the chairmanship of Prof. A Vaidyanathan to suggest ways to improve agricultural statistics has called for using remote sensing and restructuring the data collectionmachinery.  In its interim report, the expert committee has recommended setting up of the National Crop Statistics Centre (NCSC) to deal with all aspects of crop area and yield estimation. In pursuance to recommendations of steering committee on agriculture and allied sector for thorough review of schemes and collection of agricultural statistics, few has been the decisions taken in the meeting with and National Statistical Commission (NSC) will look into: The problems relating to the methodology and procedures followed for the collection/estimation of data on land use, cropping and yields and suggest measures for improvement;
Assess the potential of remote sensing techniques to collect these data and to indicate how to utilize this potential; and  Suggest institutional framework for improvement of agricultural statistics.

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