Traditional knowledge base in the management of village bamboos: A case study in Barak Valley, Assam, Northeast India

Bamboos are the important component in the traditional land use systems of Barak Valley. The traditional practice of village bamboo management in the homegarden system was studied in the Cachar district of Barak Valley, Assam. Utilization of village bamboos for fulfilling basic rural necessitate supports the maintenance of village bamboo diversity. Traditional management of village bamboos has recognized the formation of certain societal groups that forms a complex interlinkage and generates rural employment. Traditional practice of moulding of soil around the clump, addition of leaf litter and farm yard manure to the bamboo clump is of practical importance and have scientific basis. Clear felling strategy of bamboo clump management for commercial utilization has severe effects on the clump growth parameters that can endanger the village bamboo productivity. Strategies to overcome the weaknesses of traditional management system are also discussed.