Public hearing facades

UCIL's bauxite mine project: Assistance from rapid action force was sought to conduct public hearing. No environmental issue was taken up during the hearing

Tata's iron ore mine extension project: Tata blocked roads leading to the hearing venue, Noamundi village, with the help of the district administration. It passed off its employees as local residents

Jindal's bauxite mine project: Hearing was held at Bishnupur, far away from the proposed site. Many people could not reach the venue. Jindal distributed money to get consensus in its favour

Hindalco's Orsapat bauxite mine project: The hearing was deliberately organized at Netarhat forest guest house--70 km from the proposed site. People reached the venue after trekking the forest for two days.They were too tired to participate in the hearing

NTPC's coal mine project: The venue scheduled for the public hearing was changed at the last moment and the hearing was held 12 hours before scheduled time. NTPClodged an FIR against protesters

Avijeet Infrastructure Group's coal mine project: The public hearing venue was far away from the project site. People couldn't attend

AIMTA's Badam coal mine & Nico's Motra coal mine project: Hearings were scheduled in collector's office. Venue were changed after protests, but organizers didn't turn up