• Tipsy on air

    Which is the most sought-after item in the bars of Beijing? Incredible, but true: it is fresh air. With pollution levels in Beijing reaching perilous heights -- the levels of some hazardous chemicals

  • Bodies of evidence

    Bodies of evidence

    IT IS a profoundly unhealthy world we occupy today. THE World Health Report, 1995 brought out by the World Health Organization, Geneva, reveals that about 51 million people died in 1993 worldwide:


    A 12- nation African group headed by Zambia and Namibia is gunning for Hiroshi Nakajima, the World Health Organization (WHO) chief. Nakajima has offended the Africans by allegedly making some


    The Caribbean region has been warned by a dengue fever alert issued by the Pan American Health Organisation. Although dengue fever is endemic to the region, so far the periodic outbreaks have


    A World Health Organisation's (WHO) recent B Programme report has warned the world community of tuberculosis epidemic. The annual global death toll from TB could rise to 4 million by AD

  • Breast milk ban uproar

    Breast milk ban uproar

    The British government's volte face on the ban on advertising breast milk substitutes has triggered alarm in medical circles. On March 1, the government tabled before Parliament a watered down

  • Dying unaided

    Dying unaided

    First classified as a disease in 1981, aids still threatens the mankind, as World AIDS Day was being observed on December 1, 1994. Despite colossal funds being diverted to aids research, till now

  • South Asia

    The Nepali government has finally admitted that the state-run Himal cement factory in Kathmandu is a major polluter. The factory will now be fitted with pulse jet filters and filter bags to trap the

  • Immune virus

    HIV bringsscience down on its knees

  • Vanquishing the virus

    Most researchers are concentrating on genetic engineering to devise an AIDS vaccine, which would be effective against all strains of the human immunodeficiency virus.

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