• Survival schedule for salamander

    The Nature Environment and Wildlife Society has embarked on a project aimed at the conservation of a rare and endangered animal the Himalayan salamander. The tiny amphibian, falling within Schedule

  • Govt appoints wildlife wardens across State

    The Environment and Forest department, Government of Assam, by a notification, appointed Honorary Wildlife Wardens for a period of two years under Section 4(1) (B) (BB) of Wildlife (Protection) Act,

  • Wild buffalore to be trabslocated

    The possibility of the wild buffaloes in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve heading for chitwan or Bardia National Park has increased following a decision to include the animal in the translocation list.

  • Tragedy on tracks

    Neither Indian Railways nor the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests can afford to ignore any longer regular reports of wild animals being hit by speeding trains while passing through reserve

  • Mysore zoo gets CZA aid for scientific enclosures

    Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore, has decided to build modern and naturalistic enclosures for otters and smaller cats in the zoo. Presently, the otters are housed in the old polar bear

  • Elephants go on the rampage in Hassan village

    Three wild elephants which fled from Bannerghatta forest area were spotted at Aladahalli village in Hassan district of Karnataka. The elephants are learnt to have entered a sugarcane field early this

  • Shahtoosh ban freezes livelihood

    Conservationists may be exulting over the ban on shahtoosh, but for the people of the Valley, economic concerns carry more weight. The ban will help save the endangered Tibetan antelope whose woolly

  • Pandas' date with the wild

    After five years in the cage, Millie and Sweety will be set free on August 15 to ensure the success of a mission 17 years in the making. Listed as endangered under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife

  • Tiger spotted at Bharatpur sanctuary

    The two Project Tiger sanctuaries, Ranthambhore and Sariska, account for almost the entire tiger population in Rajasthan. The latest wildlife census, conducted in the State this past May, indicates

  • Submerged zoo needs drainage

    The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has asked the Delhi zoo to stop work on new enclosures and focus on infrastructure alone. The decision was taken in view of the intense waterlogging in the zoo. A CZA

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