• World Asthma day, focus on environmental factors, burden'

    Kochi is one of the worst polluted cities in the country with the pollution levels increasing every year, resulting in more cases of asthma, both in adults and children. This was found in a study

  • Hormone use found to raise dementia risk

    Hormone therapy doubled the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia in women who began the treatment at age 65 or older, a large study has found. The finding disappointed many

  • Australia heads for 20m people

    Australia's population is set to reach 20 million by October, and Victoria's population is on track to pass 5 million within a year, as new figures yesterday showed immigration at historically high

  • Cancer 'smart pill' set to increase home treatment

    Government advisers cleared the way for more patients with advanced forms of common cancers to treat themselves at home rather than have chemotherapy in hospitals. "Smart pill" alternatives to

  • Traffic fumes shown to raise asthma risk in children

    Pollution from heavy traffic can make children more susceptible to asthma, wheezing and coughs, scientists said. Teams of researchers from Taiwan and Germany have shown that chemicals in vehicle

  • One out of four kids is asthmatic in Kochi

    Every one out of four children in Kochi is asthmatic and this number is likely to go up in the coming years as the pollution levels in the City keep increasing. And the doctors are concerned by the

  • Sars on the prowl

    The menace of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome persists. Just as mainland China had done some weeks ago, Taiwan too has sacked its health minister for failure to combat the mysterious pneumonia-like

  • AIDS education programme in all schools in 3 yrs

    The Madhya Pradesh State Government has decided to make the students of high secondary level (9 to 12th) aware about dreaded AIDS prevention. The AIDS awareness programme will conducted in the

  • One in five people risk HIV

    According to Global HIV Prevention Working Group report fewer than one in five people at risk of HIv infection today have access to prevention programs, and annual global spendingon prevention fall

  • President gives assent to Tobacco Bill

    The President, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has given his assent to the crucial Tobacco Bill that bans advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products besides prohibiting sponsorship of sports and

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